Consultants at the service of your GDPR compliance

The team of Agile Class is composed of highly qualified experts in the field of data protection and privacy. 
With extensive knowledge of data protection laws and regulations, we ensure that companies maintain a high standard of regulatory compliance and personal data protection.

Agile Class Workgroup

The experts of privacy

We want to propose a clean, rigorous working method, developed following the principles expressed in the new European Regulation and built on quality, work ethic, certification of skills. A method that makes ability to communicate and interact with all the figures involved - whether interested parties, owners or control bodies - a particular point of attention..

Francesco Tessoni

Francesco Tessoni


Certified DPO with UNI and ISO certifications, deals with data protection. Digital Transformation Advisor at Digital Hub, he previously held key roles in Sedoc Digital Group, Prometex, Apple and Olivetti.

Francesco Iori

Francesco Iori

Founder and CEO

DPO with 10 years of experience in digital marketing, data protection and management of cybersecurity projects. In possession of the Italian PrivacyLab, UNICERT/DAKKS and UNI 11697:2017, and international CIPP/E and CIPM certifications,

Barbara Sabellico

Barbara Sabellico


DPO and labor lawyer, he has accumulated extensive experience in trade union relations, labor contracts and corporate security up to the management of privacy issues in the workplace.

Beatrice Bardelli

Beatrice Bardelli

Partner and COO

Graduated in Criminological Sciences with a master's degree in Forensic Sciences and Digital Investigations and holder of numerous sector certifications, including Data Protection Officer and Privacy Evaluator (UNI 11697:2017 and UNI PdR 66:2019).

Alessia D'Amora

Alessia D'Amora

DPO and certified consultant

Graduated in law and certified as a Data Protection Officer with particular experience in the digital technical field, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Digital Compliance.

Cristina Incerti Guidotti

Cristina Incerti Guidotti

Privacy Consultant

Cristina is a professional in the legal field, with a solid academic background obtained through her degree in Law. His work experience began in business settings, where he held the role of business lawyer.

Our strengths


Our track record includes successful collaborations with international clients, demonstrating our ability to adapt to global data privacy requirements.

Professionisti certificati

Experience and Innovation for Reliable and cutting-edge GDPR Compliance in various industries.

We are covered by insurance

Tools and activities as consultants are covered by insurance from Lloyd's of London and DPO services are covered by CBL Insurance Europe

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For those who want to be in compliance with the GDPR

With Agile Compliance, we provide organizational, process, legal and technological support to verify the positioning, to reduce the risk in the processing of personal data and to make the Customer comply with the GDPR.

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For those who must ensure the compliance of their digital project

With Agile Digital, we guarantee that your digital presence, whether linked to the web, to social channels and up to the metaverse, complies in every way with the European regulation on data protection.

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For those who want to protect the privacy of employees

With Agile People, we ensure that the rights of employees are respected and protected at every stage of their careers. Through a combination of professional advice and specialized legal support.

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For those looking for a data protection professional

With Agile DPO you will be followed step by step by a Data Protection Officer who will observe, evaluate and organize the management of the processing of personal data within your company, ensuring compliance

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