Integration of GDPR and HR for Privacy and Corporate Compliance

This Agile Class service combines GDPR and HR consulting, balancing the needs of employees and employers. By incorporating expert best practices and GDPR regulations, we ensure a safe and compliant work environment, while respecting privacy and worker rights.

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GDPR and human resources: balance, protection and innovation in human capital.

The main objective of Agile People is to support HR in their crucial role of ensuring respect for workers' rights, equal treatment and fairness in personnel management practices. Through a collaborative approach and specialized consultancy, Agile People offers a full range of customized services and solutions that enable HR to proactively address workers' rights challenges and adopt policies and procedures that promote the protection and well-being of all the employees.

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Human resources they are one of the most sensitive and complex aspects within a company

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Company regulations

The service also provides consultancy and support for the development and implementation of solid company regulations compliant with current regulations.
A well-structured company regulation is a fundamental tool to guarantee the protection of workers' rights, promote a fair and respectful working environment and prevent negligent or risky behavior.

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Surveillance camera
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Video surveillance

Through its specialized consultancy, the service helps companies develop policies and procedures that respect employee privacy and ensure that video surveillance is used in a legal, ethical and transparent manner.

Agile People is committed to promoting a balance between corporate security and respect for worker privacy by providing accurate and informed guidance on the implementation and appropriate use of video surveillance systems.

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Success cases

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For an IT company

Agile People received the compliments of the board following the training of administrative staff in the field of data security, which prevented them from proceeding with a significant transfer following a request with email phishing.

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Ears of wheat for the food sector

Agile People for a company in the food sector

For a company in the food sector, Agile People has implemented company regulations and trained staff with the effect of improving productivity and reducing the need for a dispute as early as 6 months after the application.

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Agile People has raised awareness of the use of digital devices

For a personal services company, Agile people has raised awareness of the use of digital devices in the collection of personal data. This choice has allowed the company to obtain important agreements with a leading insurance company that provides health policies to individuals and both public and private companies.

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Agile people for a metalworking company

For a metalworking company, Agile people has trained employees on the use of corporate devices, so as to neutralize the compromise of company servers due to the misuse of online shopping platforms that are not equipped with tools that are not suitable for credit card payment protection.

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Based on the open source Globaleaks software, an international tool also adopted by Agid and hundreds of other organizations, including the Council of State, Court of Auditors, Avvocatura dello Stato, AGCom and the Mediaset group.

Effective user-friendly interface to facilitate the creation and management of reports. Maximum confidentiality of the reporter through end-to-end encryption.

A system that allows a person to anonymously and securely report illegal acts and/or unethical behavior. Which organizations are affected?

  • The private companies that have employed, in the last year, the average of At least 50 workers subordinates with permanent or fixed-term employment contracts
  • The companies that have adopted Organizational models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and that they have appointed a Supervisory Body (Supervisory Body),
  • Public sector entities and other private sector entities (FINANCE, TRANSPORT...) provided for by Legislative Decree 24/23.
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Exclusives Feature


All documents required by the GDPR are included, from information for whistleblowers to information to be included in the processing register, up to the DPIA.

All included

Multilingual, Multiuser, Anonymized and/or Anonymous, Digital Channels, Chat, Management of Custodians and Reporters

Plugin Web

to integrate the acquisition of reports on its own web portal.

Workflow for Complete Report Management

There are pre-configured templates to customize the questionnaires and reporting flows as you wish

Guaranteed, Certified and Insured Instance

Developed by Privacylab to guarantee security and protection of the confidentiality of the information managed

Multichannel (Digital and Telephone)

Upon request it is possible to activate a telephone channel with a dedicated number

Service verifies and categorizing


For those who want to protect employee privacy


For those who want to protect employee privacy


For those who want to protect employee privacy