Reach and keep the GDPR compliance

Privacy and GDPR Consultancy Multidisciplinary, Certified and Insured. Our personalized approach promotes sustainable advice and a sharing of expertise, for a complete and easy-to-maintain compliance path.

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Why Consultancy GDPR is increasingly important

Compliance with GDPR is more than a requirement; it is an essential strategy for protecting data and supporting trust in the digital society. With Agile Compliance, the complexity of the GDPR is transformed into clarity and competitive advantage.

Through privacy consultancy, we decipher legal and technical challenges, adapting regulations to your specific business needs.

Dedicated support

A dedicated contact person for the organization of activities

Tailored strategies

We tailor compliance to your specific business needs.

Safety and Reliability

Reduce potential fines and vulnerabilities.

Continuous Support

We offer constant assistance and updates to keep you always in compliance.

How do we deal with GDPR consultancy

With an approach that balances personalization and standardization, our GDPR compliance methodology combines tailored strategies with established practices to ensure complete and compliant protection.

  • Detailed Analysis: Let's start with an in-depth analysis of your specific needs.
  • Standardized Methodology: We apply a formalized and certified methodological approach to ensure consistency and completeness.
  • Training and Support: We provide ongoing training and support for long-term compliance maintenance.
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Our method


To share a starting point and an operational vocabulary

Compliance analysis

To identify strengths and areas for improvement

Drafting documents

Production of all documents necessary for compliance with the GDPR


To ensure that compliance is an added value over time

We offer you all the services necessary for GDPR compliance

From advanced and certified tools to specialized privacy advice, we offer everything necessary to address compliance with data protection regulations on a national and international scale, converting your challenges into concrete objectives through a list of targeted services.

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Secured certification with annual verification

An essential service that guarantees continuous updating of your GDPR documentation and verifies the compliance of data processing and ensures its documentation.

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Migrating to Advanced Compliance

For those who want to overcome the challenges of manually managing GDPR compliance with a standardized and advanced approach. We transform fragmented processes into unified and automated management, improving efficiency, accuracy and responsiveness to regulatory changes

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Supplier Verification Activities

Assess and ensure that the suppliers who process personal data for you are in full compliance with the GDPR, protecting your business from potential risks and sanctions.

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Data Breach Management

Our Data Breach Management Service offers a quick and organized response to security incidents. With advanced tools and specialized expertise, we monitor, evaluate and react promptly to violations, minimizing impact and ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

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The cases of success

Microscope in use in a pharmaceutical laboratory

Pharmaceutical company with laboratory for research and development:

Supporting a pharmaceutical company in complying with GDPR for the collection of biological samples, ensuring secure procedures and obtaining essential health authorizations.

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Symbolic representation of an airplane, illustrating the transformation and optimization of business processes

Privacy Software Training

Agile Class has strengthened a company's privacy office through training and support on privacy management software, making internal staff autonomous and improving regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

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A doctor who indicates that everything is okay

GDPR compliance for Non-Profit Association

Guide to the GDPR compliance of a non-profit association in the health sector, including the verification of IT suppliers, facilitating collaboration with hospital centers for research.

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Image of a laptop reflecting code in html

GDPR compliance for Web Agency

Assistance to a web agency in the GDPR compliance audit of a crucial digital portal for the management of a joint project between private companies, sponsors and State Police, including the collection of data from minors.

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Picture of a laptop portraying the WordPress control panel

Compliance for Web Site Under Construction

Agile Class has guided the compliance of a website under development, ensuring transparency in data collection and optimizing contact forms for a better user experience, in line with privacy regulations.

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Picture of a plane in flight

Digital Compliance for Airline

Agile Class has coordinated a multidisciplinary team to integrate compliant cookie banners on all of an airline's domains, ensuring legal compliance and improving collaboration between internal departments and external suppliers.

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A suite of tools that offer complete and easy management of GDPR compliance with one click. It is ideal for companies, DPOs and consultants looking for an effective solution for document and organizational compliance, guaranteeing, certifying and ensuring compliance with the GDPR.

  • Complete Management: Control of all aspects related to the management of personal data.
  • Certified and Insured: Reliability and safety guaranteed at European level.
  • Accessible Service: Ease of use for efficient and stress-free GDPR compliance.
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