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For whom it must guarantee Compliance and Secure Leads in Digital Marketing projects, we provide the definitive path to digital compliance and accurate and personalized cookie management, designed to ensure maximum data security and compliance with the GDPR.

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Explore Digital GDPR Compliance Management

Agile Digital covers every aspect of GDPR compliance for your digital marketing ecosystem.

With specific skills and advanced tools, we evaluate and optimize your digital presence.

We analyze your processes and recommend the introduction of updated policies and are committed to ensuring you are fully and consistently compliant.

We create solutions suited to the needs of your business, ensuring that every step of your lead generation journey strictly complies with GDPR requirements.

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Solutions dedicated to the compliance of digital marketing projects

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Digital GDPR Compliance

Much more than a simple checklist: it is a complete service that accompanies you at every step of your digital journey, ensuring that every aspect of your online business is in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

With one eye for detail and another for innovation, our team of experts analyzes, recommends and implements the best strategies to protect both your business and your customers' data.

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Beatrice Bardelli - Agile Class
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Cookie GDPR Compliance:

In the digital world, cookies are everywhere, but managing them correctly is essential. Our GDPR Compliance Cookie service makes your website compliant by respecting European and international standards without impacting the user experience.

We analyze your site in detail, identifying and categorizing cookies, and providing you with clear tools for user consent. With us, compliance becomes a strength, demonstrating to your visitors that their privacy is your priority.

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I casi di successo

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Compliance for Web Site Under Construction

Agile Class has guided the compliance of a website under development, ensuring transparency in data collection and optimizing contact forms for a better user experience, in line with privacy regulations.

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Digital Compliance for Airline

Agile Class has coordinated a multidisciplinary team to integrate compliant cookie banners on all of an airline's domains, ensuring legal compliance and improving collaboration between internal departments and external suppliers.

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ELMO by Privacylab

Elmo is the tool that allows you to always be adapted to the new guidelines on Cookies, in a simple and effective way.

  • Site inspection: scan your site to discover all the Cookies and all the beacons present. Elmo will be able to categorize them all and identify their purposes.
    Elmo has a good memory: the list of scanned items will be used for subsequent scans.
  • Generation of the Cookie Policy: Elmo uses the information collected during the inspection to generate the Cookie Policy based on the purposes of the processing, identifies the Third Parties involved and calculates data retention times.
  • Cookie banner: Elmo accompanies you in the installation of your personalized Cookie banner. Don't worry: the banner is compatible with major platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and many others.
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