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We foster a digital ecosystem where privacy is critical to success.

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Our approach to privacy

At Agile Class, we believe in protecting user personal data as the core of the digital economy. We offer technologies that simplify the management of personal data, ensuring the privacy of your users and supporting the growth of your business.

The GDPR was created to allow the free movement of information in a way Lawful, Correct and Transparent.

We guarantee respect for privacy to strengthen trust in the digital society.
We provide innovative solutions for the simple and secure management of personal data.
We are experts in compliance, including international ones, and we provide continuous support in an evolving regulatory landscape.
We help companies promote a digital ecosystem centered on privacy, essential for business longevity.

The experts of privacy

Agile Class has a team of professionals certified in GDPR and data security, committed to providing complete solutions for privacy and legal compliance. With extensive experience in different sectors, we offer cutting-edge data protection services.

  • Experts in GDPR and digital security, we ensure compliant and secure data management for every company.
  • Innovation and legal expertise come together to offer effective and reliable solutions in the field of privacy.
  • From IoT data protection to digital marketing, we guarantee comprehensive and specialized coverage.
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Our Certifications

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Our Customers

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For those looking for a data protection professional

With Agile DPO you will be followed step by step by a Data Protection Officer who will observe, evaluate and organize the management of the processing of personal data within your company, ensuring compliance

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For those who must ensure the compliance of their digital project

With Agile Digital, we guarantee that your digital presence, whether linked to the web, to social channels and up to the metaverse, complies in every way with the European regulation on data protection.

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For those who want to be in compliance with the GDPR

With Agile Compliance, we provide organizational, process, legal and technological support to verify the positioning, to reduce the risk in the processing of personal data and to make the Customer comply with the GDPR.

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For those who want to protect the privacy of employees

With Agile People, we ensure that the rights of employees are respected and protected at every stage of their careers. Through a combination of professional advice and specialized legal support.

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